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BodyTalk Works! A health care system that changed my life. Actually saved my life and has since enhanced all aspects of it! Many of you reading this information will relate and have already experienced BodyTalk Sessions and have had amazing and surprising results. And some are searching for new approaches to health and well-being.

Most of your questions will be answered on this site, however feel free to connect with me if you have questions or just say hello.


IMAGINE if our body could design its own system of health-care, one that would understand the story behind the symptoms and help to address the cause as opposed to the effect.


WHAT IF there was a way to affect long term patterns of pain, dis-ease, distress, and overwhelm in an instant while opening the door to a whole new possibility of health and wellness.


THINK about how happy our BodyMind would be if it could receive the support it needed to get on track to health and balance in an entirely non-invasive empowering, and incredibly effective way?


CONSIDER experiencing a few BodyTalk sessions and learning how to ACCESS the self-care techniques for yourself. Or add BodyTalk Fundamentals (BTF) to your current career or as a beginning of a new one.


LEARN how the body directs the healing of the Body/Mind


ADD to your current career or as a beginning of a new BodyTalk Fundamentals (BTF) one.


READ the workshop material for a more comprehensive overview.


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