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BodyTalk Access

Learn 5 powerful techniques all essential in helping the body heal itself!
Simple, safe, and extraordinarily effective
Takes less than 12 minutes a day to do for you and your family.


Cortices: improvements in thinking, memory, concentration, stress, feelings of well-being, and general physiological functioning of the body.

Switching: helps with inattentiveness, poor decision-making, confusion, making silly mistakes, poor coordination, and mood swings. It normalizes the body’s stress threshold.

Hydration: Corrects the body’s ability to fully use the water it has available- thereby greatly improving the efficiency of all physiological processes.

Body Chemistry: addressing many chronic and acute conditions caused by virus, bacteria, parasites, allergies, food intolerances, and accumulated toxins.

Reciprocals: significantly effective on many forms of injuries, arthritis, circulatory issues, coordination patterns, spinal problems, and chronic pain.

Fast Aid Techniques: It will immediately resolve simple issues as a stand-alone technique. In serious conditions it is designed to be used safely until specialized health care arrives.

Student comments

Everything was presented in a clear manner with enthusiasm and a passion for BodyTalk. Thank you …. Muireann

The encouragement Cherie provided, and the confidence she instilled in us.

The workshop opened my eyes to another way of encouraging better health and overall balance. Cherie made the overwhelming much easier to get thru.

I liked the open friendly time for questions that was provided by the instructor.

The repetition of the techniques really enforced the learning. And I liked meeting and working with the other students in the class.

Cherie, I thought you did an amazing job today. Your teaching style reflected your passion for this work – you were able to engage us with all the practical applications and benefits of this work with humor and repetition!! Well done! Very enjoyable day… Doris (retired teacher)

I liked that the information was imparted in a straight forward manner. I appreciated the useful manual and book, good balance between theory and practice. Thanks Cherie!

Cherie has an excellent way of explaining the techniques and correcting students.

The presenter Cherie had an excellent way of balancing information with stories/humor and practical skill. Very easy to absorb information from her way of presenting! Mary

I thought the course was fabulous. Cherie is a wonderful teacher and makes it a great experience. Janet

Can’t wait to tackle the Fundamental level! Very excited to have begun this magical inspirational Journey.. Thanks from the bottom of my heart. Rebecca

Thank you Cherie for providing me with the tools to better care for my family in a holistic manner. Your course is a definite must for all families to help the nurture each individual on their physical emotional spiritual journey… a great learning experience. Natalie

This course was organized; the trainer was knowledgeable, techniques very simple and straight forward. Awesome healing modality! Barb

I liked the professional atmosphere, the teacher’s tools; she was very well spoken, taught, organized, the techniques learned and the food. Heather

More Comments from Cherie’s Students

• I enjoyed the efficiency and clarity with which the material was taught. It is an easy system that has profound healing implications. I like the pleasant, warm manner in which it was taught as well.
• The potential is unlimited – that is very exciting! Such Wholistic self-care!
• A great day with a lot of information and experience of the techniques helped in understanding them for self-healing.
• It is always exciting to learn more in this fascinating system. And to be in the loving energy of a group devoted to healing and well-being.
• I love Cherie’s teaching style. She uses gentle guidance & reinforcement. And the snacks were delicious! And healthy
Email comments a few days after the workshop
• The entire day created a new me…can feel the changes. The shifts!
• I feel much clearer and more energized then I have felt in a while. Thank you for sharing the valuable information an techniques especially the Cortices. I have already used them a few times and will certainly continue – will give the 21 days a shot and compare to where I was on Saturday.
• It was nice getting together with old friend. I feel you have met your niche in life. Clayton

Letter from Cherie

Dear Shirley, May 29, 2014

To answer your question, I did the very first Access class in 2005 and began to do the techniques and soon fell away – doing cortices every day and then that fell off too, although I did teach all the clients I saw to do the Cortices.

In the early spring of 2006 I experienced the flu like no other and by April I was still extremely under the weather. I had a call from a BodyTalk Instructor colleague and she reamed me out!! I mean I felt down any way and now even more!!! … however I dragged myself thru the process as I was soooo sick it was not easy, I had to force myself… Then something strange happened – I began to feel better and I mean BETTER! With days I was back to my old chipper self!! AMAZING! So I began to do the 5 Techniques – Cortices, Switching, Hydration, Body Chemistry and all the Reciprocals. Plus Fast Aid which is invaluable!!

By July this is what I noticed on a physical level:
• I had lost 38 lbs without dieting (I had gained 90 in the year after surgery in 2000)
• No more excruciating pain in the bottoms of my feet (since surgery)
• No challenges or discomfort in my hips (difficulty taking stairs up and down after surgery)
• I have been losing 1-2 lbs per year; again without dieting!
Since then I have noticed significant changes in my overall well-being:
• I noticed my memory had improved (yes for learning)
• My structure is different, I feel taller and my gait is relaxed.
• Self – confidence grew – I am no longer shy and introverted
• I feel more youthful than I did at 40
• I sleep better (longer from 4 to 5 hrs to a full 6 to 7 hours)
• I laugh more and enjoy life in a very different way than in the past

I became a BodyTalk Trainer because of the significance of these simply easy to do series of techniques. The Fast Aid is worth the workshop on its own. I have stories from others that could fill a book!

It takes me 7 to 10 min a day – 5 days a week. And I know it can do the same in 3 days a week; however I choose to do it daily because I feel great doing it. My body and I have a communication then.

Any questions please feel free to contact me.

Cherie Carpenter

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