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BodyTalk Fundamentals

The Foundation of the BodyTalk System™ Hands on

Taught over four days, this course teaches the foundations of the BodyTalk system and includes the most powerful balancing techniques used by BodyTalk practitioners. This course will dramatically change your perspective of what it possible in life. It will change your life.

In BodyTalk Fundamentals, you will learn how to:

• Address the whole body on all levels mind, body and spirit.
• Consult the innate wisdom of the client and addresses the priority and right sequence for optimal healing
• Retrain the body to heal itself
• Access the “Zone”, the intuitive place where out of the box occurrences take place
• Reduce charge stemming from environmental factors that are affecting the client, such as a boss or ex-spouse
• Unblock cranio-sacral restrictions affecting ability to think and learn, clear judgment, mood, digestion and    ability to breathe
• Reconnect the brain circuits, allowing for greater brain function, clarity and learning ability
• Rebalance the hydration levels in the body that can affect pain levels, digestion, water retention, cell function,  ability of the body to remove toxins
• Diminish the effect of scars and surgery
• Enhance organ, endocrine and body part communication
• Increase internal body part communication via the nervous system and other circulatory systems so    performance of whole mind body system increases
• Address immune system function to deal with specific viruses, bacteria, toxins or over reaction to allergens
• Clear emotional charge around events, fears or phobias, relationships and limiting belief systems
• Balance the acupuncture meridians and chakra system
• Address specific cellular damage caused by chemical, physical, or emotional trauma, vaccines or inherited      illness
• How to begin a new career
• How to integrate the BodyTalk System into your existing practice.
• Where can I go from here?