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BodyTalk Clinic Sessions

If this is your first visit, we will be sending you an intake form that can be filled out in the comfort of your home or office prior to arriving at the clinic. It is important to be comfortable and relax so wear loose fitting and preferably natural material clothing and refrain from heavy scents and/or smoking just prior to the session.


Session Fees and Payment Options

When scheduling the appointment an hour slot is booked, although your session may be less than an hour. The cost per session is $100 (includes HST) with discounts available for children and multiple family members. Payments are currently accepted in cash, Interact-e-Transfer, Visa or MasterCard.


What will happen during the session?

When you arrive, we’ll chat a few minutes. I’ll review your form and ask any questions I might have. This is also the time where you can ask any questions and discuss what you would like to focus on in the session/s. You will remove any electronics devices, watches and possible belt buckles or jewelry, as required. I will have you lie on your back on the therapy table or sit up (as applicable) and then connect with your energy and commence the session.

During a BodyTalk session I may use your hand or your arm for a biofeedback reflex, (muscle reflex) to communicate with your bodymind. Your innate wisdom (healing intelligence) will drive the session identifying the communication disconnects or glitches, energy blocks and/or specific techniques that need to be used. This will continue until your bodymind has received what it required for the session. At the end of the session, I will confirm when the best time for a follow ups session if required. Since each session is unique to the individual it will depend upon how much time your bodymind needs to absorb the energy shifts and/or if you have any other dependencies. We can then discuss specific details of the session, additional questions you might have and/or areas of focus for future. The first session is usually an hour in length. Subsequent sessions range in time based on the priority of the session lasting from 20 – 40 minutes.

“Healing is the process of bringing light and consciousness to those parts of our lives where we have blocked the flow of our life energy?