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Distance Sessions

In a remote or distance BodyTalk sessions I work from the clinic and you receive the session wherever you are. The results are effective and comfortable for you whether you are across the city or in a different country. This is a technique that is gaining greater recognition as we become more aware of brain function and energy flow.
The Complexities of the Brain

It is an acknowledged fact that humans only use a small fraction of brain potential, including the intuitive powers of the mind. New understanding, used in Mindscape and Silva UltraMind, enables BodyTalk practitioners to tune into the alpha mind. One of a number of different brain cycles, the brain functions in alpha mind at optimal levels of speed and efficiency. While practitioners cannot ‘read the client’s mind’, they are able to identify healing priorities, even at a distance, and create deep and lasting positive results.
The Science Behind Distance Healing

Quantum physics describes this linking phenomenon as a “non-local quantum hologram”. In simple terms it means that information available via the mind/body can be accessed when two people connect, even if they are not in the same physical space. A BodyTalk practitioner ‘connects’ by using the name and address of the client.

In scientific experiments, when live cells from the same person are separated by miles, whatever is done to the first group of cells, the outcome is the same in the second group miles away.

Non-local events happen all the time. People experience it (particularly twins) when one person knows what has happened to the other even though they are separated by thousands of miles. Experiments have shown that some dogs can detect the moment their owner leaves work and is heading home. The distance is well beyond the capabilities of the sense of smell.
What Do I Do While the Distance Session is Happening?

• You relax quietly, sitting or lying down, for a minimum of 20 to 30 minutes.
• After 20 minutes you can get up. The practitioner will contact you with a summary of the session.
• If you are sensitive to energy and have experienced ‘feeling’ energy before, for instance tingling, heat, pressure, etc, you’ll be able to feel it just as though you were with the practitioner.
Benefits of a Remote or Distance BodyTalk Session

• It can be used in emergency situations.
• It can be performed on clients who live anywhere in the world.
• It allows client to stay in the comfort of their own homes (if there are no BodyTalk practitioners in their area; or the client is disabled; or to save time and avoid traffic)
• It’s great for young children. They don’t need to come to a clinic; and they don’t have to be still.
Examples of Remarkable Results Using Distance BodyTalk Sessions:

• For Relief of Vertigo – an elderly client in Canada with serious vertigo problems. After one session of BodyTalk, her vertigo has not returned. It is now 4 years.
• Migraine Headaches – client in Canada experienced migraines for nearly 15 years beginning in her teen years. BodyTalk done remotely allowed her to live without migraine pain.
• Relieving stroke side effects – client Ontario, in hospital unable to use right arm, confusion, experiencing garbled speech, diagnosed as having a stroke. The remote was performed as she was being taken to hospital, and once while she was still there. She was out of hospital in a few days and able to be on her own.
• Insomnia – clients report deeper and more restful sleeps.
• Human Potential – clients are improving grade average and achieving higher marks during exams – up to 40% and receiving best marks ever.
• Human Potential –Ontario, improving performance while playing hockey
• Human Potential – enhancing creativity and productivity at work and play.
• Many Other Conditions – it will work on anything! And great for pets!
During Your Session

1. The practitioner will read the information you have supplied regarding your health concerns.
2. At the time of the appointment, you will lie down or sit comfortably (loosen tight clothing) without any interruptions or disruptions (no phone, no radio, no television, no conversation) for at least 20 minutes.
3. Cherie will then report on the healing priorities dealt with during your session. (either by email or by phone as we have discussed.)
What You May Feel During Your Session:

  • Heat – energy changes result in heat being generated
  • Coolness
  • Tingling
  • Sleepiness
  • Lightness/heaviness
  • Emotional release (for example may have unexplained tears)
  • Momentary slight discomfort in different areas of the body.
  • OR, you may feel nothing; the session is still working


What You Might Feel After Your Session:

  • All of the above
  • Slight discomfort in areas that are healing
  • Symptoms typical to a cold or flu
  • Symptoms typical to detoxification
  • Joy, vitality, and a sense of well-believe
  • Disappearance of pain and illness

BodyTalk has Excellent Results with Pain and Suffering

Arthritis, pain anywhere in/on the body, digestive disorders, headaches, Stress, migraines, infections, viruses, chronic fatigue/fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, emotional disorders, fears & phobias, parasites, menstrual irregularities, PMS, menopause allergies, sports injuries, learning disorders, ringing in ears, hearing problems, sinus relief, glaucoma, eye challenges, self-esteem issues, skin disorders, skin disorders, performance (taking tests, improving the timing on your golf swing, etc) prevention
Who Can Benefit From A Distance Session?

  • Anyone, anywhere
  • House-bound people
  • People on holidays
  • People who don’t ‘have time’ to go for sessions and would like the sessions to take place while they sleep or take a lunch break at work
  • People who simply prefer the comfort of their own home
  • Emergency situations
  • People who have no access to healing in their area.


Contact me if you have any questions or would like a distance session.

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