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Gratitude for Growing Older

As Canadians, we are enjoying longer life spans and better health than ever before. The proportion of seniors in the Canadian population is expected to double in the next 10 to 15 years.

Staying healthy, strong and flexible is the secret to keeping our independence. As seniors, not just eating well, but eating healthy, means knowing our best options and choices for balanced nutrition. Physical activity helps prevent injuries and is essential to stay fit. Mental stimulation is also crucial: being open to learning in activities like music, reading, community and family involvement – keeps us evolving and content.

Being proactive and researching our choices – looking to the support of people we admire – helps us live with vitality and in integrity.

As a senior I look at other seniors to see how they are able to balance their lives and keep energetic. A concern for our own health is important, not just for ourselves but for society as a whole. At 70, I am healthier, more flexible and more mentally alert then I was 15 years ago. That’s because I went back to learn a new language – yes BodyTalk!

I learned to listen to my body share its discomfort and its story. Then I began a health regime that takes only about 20 minutes each week! I can take stairs now without fear of falling; the pain is gone from my hips and feet. I am learning – yes, memorizing and teaching – and enjoying life from a new perspective. I am watching human potential being extended and relaxed by the many BodyTalk Students who are accessing the tools of self-care.

There are many ways greater health can be achieved. However, for me the effective methods I learned and now teach have revolutionized my heath and attitude. We can all gain so much by balancing our brain, normalizing the body’s stress threshold, hydrating the cells in the body, addressing the body chemistry to alleviate symptoms from allergies, microbes and toxins, and turning the circuit breakers back on in the physical body.

I look forward to sharing the information in a fast, fun one day workshop that anyone can learn, at any age or stage in life – from the young to the young at heart. You can make a remarkable dramatic difference in your health – and save on health care costs too! Come let me teach you how to let your BodyTalk!

From one senior to another … and those who are on the waiting list!

©Cherie Carpenter, CL SC, RM, PaRama, AdvCBP, CBAT, CBI