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Cherie’s Services

Personal Session with Cherie

If this is your first visit, we will be sending you an intake form that can be filled out in the comfort of your home or office prior to arriving at the clinic. It is important to be comfortable and relax so wear loose fitting and preferably natural material clothing and refrain from heavy scents and/or smoking just prior to the session.   more

Remote Sessions

In a remote or distance BodyTalk sessions I work from the clinic and you receive the session wherever you are. The results are effective and comfortable for you whether you are across the city or in a different country. This is a technique that is gaining greater recognition as we become more aware of brain function and energy flow.   more


Workshops in BodyTalk


In this six hour workshop you learn 5 powerful techniques – all essential in helping the body heal itself!   more


The BodyTalk Fundamentals course provides a comprehensive introduction to the BodyTalk SystemTM and presents many powerful consciousness-based healing techniques that address a wide variety of symptoms on all levels of the body and mind.   more

Fundamentals Integration

This course is designed to help BodyTalk students refine their skills in the practical aspects of BodyTalk Fundamentals.   more


Cherie’s Other Workshops

Enriching Your Practice

Need I say more.   more