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The Air We Breathe

Health does not just mean seeing a medical or health care provider once a year and voila we are perfect!

True health and well-being is living a well-rounded lifestyle.   Spending time with family, friends, like-minded people who we can relate with.  Yes, exercise is on the top of the list too, and this means fresh air, walks in nature, spending time near water, trees and in beautiful spaces.  Exercising our choices while being mindful of eating habits and enjoying high life-force foods pays high dividends as we age.  Direct attention to our intake of water, pure clean water and air is a priority.  Being grateful and holding appreciation for the amazing vehicle we experience life thru.

And at the top of the list is our awareness of our breathing habits.  Did you know it is simply not just oxygen intake or gas exchange that is the reason for breath?

As we breathe fully, movement is created in the body aids to increase circulation of all body fluids; blood, lymph, cerebrospinal fluid while at the same time this movement aids the diaphragm and connective tissues to release stored emotions and associated beliefs.

Breathing is used as a tool to scan the frequencies in the body to check for faulty communication within our systems.  The in-breath helps us to connect with emotional and mental processes, getting in touch with what is happening in our life, inspiration, creativity.  All the while scanning our higher frequencies, chakras, meridians, endocrines, blood, thoughts and emotions; while the out-breath allows us to get in touch with and let go of the attachments to life experience as it scans our body in the denser parts; organs, tissues, muscles and bone.  This draws attention to corrections needing support.
As well the five senses benefit from the movement of oxygen – the wind, it carries, sound, smell and touch as it caresses your cheeks.

Once I heard a comment from David Suzuki – he said every four days we breathe in molecules from the air of everyone who has lived in the past 6 weeks.  He was speaking about humans.  Now take that into account with the native’s knowledge.  I am sure quantum physics concurs.

The air/oxygen is precious to the indigenous peoples for all things share the same breath – the animals, the trees, and the man. (Chief Seattle 1786-1866, Suquamish/Duwamish)
The Hopi say ‘Take the breath of the new dawn and make it part of you.  It will give you strength.’
Therefore, full inhales and exhales help the brain to get in touch with the imbalances being highlighted by the BodyTalk Practitioner thus restoring internal communications systems helping the body to heal its self on all levels.  Breathing helps the brain establish what frequencies within the body need revising.
Smile and breathe deeply – make it a lifetime habit to breathe consciously.

Cherie Carpenter, AdvCBP, CBAT, CBI