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Tips to Nurture and Refresh the Body/Mind

Tips to Nurture and Restore the Body/Mind

Breath of life…and at the top of the list is our awareness of breathing habits.  Did we know it is simply not just oxygen intake or gas exchange that is the reason for breath?

As we breathe fully, movement is created in the body aids to increase circulation of all body fluids; blood, lymph, cerebrospinal fluid while at the same time this movement aids the diaphragm and connective tissues to release stored emotions and associated beliefs and is used as a scanning tool.  The Air We Breathe Taking time to Focus on deep breathing throughout the day will help relaxation, and focus.

Hydration is essential.   Enjoy water especially during the winter months when we are using artificial heat – Warm water with lemon (maybe a tad of honey or maple syrup) to lubricate, cleanse and prepare the body for the day.  During the winter months, drink water at room temperature.  Enjoy herbal teas for warmth (rooibos, chai or jasmine are great in cold weather) if possible avoid sweetened beverages.  Spaced throughout the day and not during the meal will keep vibrancy and youth Waters of Life

Eat Nourishing Foods …be mindful of what we eat, read labels and if we don’t understand it – don’t eat it!   Eat fresh as possible and local.  Use the 100 mile rule.  Vegies, legumes, grains homemade meals, in all spectrums of color… and chew, chew, chew and chew some more let your saliva do the work!  Aids in efficient digestion…

Movement…stretching is great – focus on slow and gentle movements and move with purpose.   Try Tai Chi or Qi Gong, join a yoga class.  Walk and enjoy nature when the weather permits.  Use a rebounder to enhance lymph flow.  Lymph cleanses and helps our body rid toxins and much more.

Creativity…make time for creative pursuits, hobbies and just plain and simple fun things like painting, sketching, dancing, singing, writing, playing music, volunteer, laugh lots, scrapbook, need more  play with our inner child.

Bathing…long luxurious relaxing salt baths, aids in calming the mind and water helps cleans and supports circulation of body fluids summer or winter.  Always enjoy a large glass of water prior or during hot baths or using a Jacuzzi to help stay hydration.  (Notice how the water level drops when having a long soak – where does the water go?)  Best practice is to hydrate prior.

Dry Brush Massage… a great way to brush away dead skin using a medium-bristled body brush on dry skin to invigorate the lymphatic system.  Brush towards the centre of the body. (Heart)  This helps to improve immune system / lymph function, reduce sluggishness and makes the skin feel alive again.  (Great in cooler weather)  After sloughing off all the dead skin, nourish with warming oils, coconut, sesame or avocado.

Self-Care Techniques … five incredible self-care techniques, BodyTalk Access incorporates the Cortices technique to balance the brain, Switching Technique to normalize the body’s stress threshold.  The Body Chemistry Technique enhances immune system function while Hydration reminds the cell membranes to better utilize the water one drinks.  The reciprocals technique turns on the circuit breakers in the muscles and skeletal systems enhancing and strengthening the wei-qi and much more.

Quiet Time… whether it is thru meditation or reflection, it’s essential to our well-being.   Setting aside a consistent time and space to just be.  There many effective methods – if possible soft focus for 20 min, less if necessary on a mantra, music, the breath, your heart beat a flower or a candle.  Be gentle and simply bring a soft attention back to the focus tool whenever we find ourselves immersed in following a thought.  Have a special journal to record a sentence or two after.  This can help refocus or set goals, creative pursuits or important decisions and much more.  Ideally two times a day can make a difference.

Sleep … aim to retire to bed about 10 pm to achieve the deepest rest.  Keep a notepad by your bed and make a list if you find your mind wandering or pondering on tasks.  Use a little Lavender essential oil, stretch, breathe deeply. Tap out the cortices and just let go, allow the body to slip into maximum relaxation.   Sweet dreams.


By Cherie Carpenter, Founder of BodyTalk Central, Certified BodyTalk Instructor, Access Trainer:

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